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February 9, 2003

Arthur Wellesly ( writes:

I was reading the FoR once again, and the day after I watched Gladiator. Well, I caught something then that I hadn't before. Maximus said something about if your riding in a green field, you're in Elysium, and you're already dead. That rang a bell.

John apparently grew up in Elysium City. Upon looking this up on the internet, Elysium was a paradise where some Greek heroes were believed to go after death. Combine this with the fact that the project name is Spartan.... definitely some mythological stuff there. Except instead of Elysium being where he dies, it is where he is born...

Elysian fields! To dwell in le vrai monde!
Allaying sun, writhing grass, and shrouding tree.
But memory ebbs and only tears respond,
I have not been, and must yet wait to see.

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