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March 4, 2003

In a continuation of Ciar┬Ěn's "Do AIs lie?" forum post , Wado SG writes :

343 GS is quite vague about who released the Flood. I believe he could be covering up the truth when he says he "gathers the other species released the Flood."

My reasoning is he has a motive: If he really considers the MC a superior (the Reclaimer) then he might not want to admit if HE (343 GS) actually released the Flood.

He has demonstrated a liking to or fascination with the Flood: He is "glad to see some of them have survived to reproduce" or something like that. Just whose side is he really on?

He might be trying to kill off the MC (Reclaimer): In the Library, why not keep a Sentinel escort with the MC at all times or why not just teleport the MC to the Index? What if 343 GS is secretly hoping the Reclaimer will get killed by the Flood -- this way he has not explaining to do. His programming very likely prevents him from outright killing the Reclaimer so that is out of the question (you don't program an AI monitor to kill you or your own people).

He tries to explain how "we" followed containment protocol which means what? I mean if someone asks me to pay $1.00, I could give them a $1 bill or 100 pennies or 4 quarters... etc. There are just many ways an AI could interpret the protocols and twist them to other means.

In summary, 343 GS might have released the Flood on purpose or because of mismanagement. I'm thinking that 343 GS just doesn't want to admit to his own inability to do his job (maybe he was surfing the galactic web while the Flood made their escape). 343 GS knows that there will be hell to pay for his incompetence, to save his own ass, he has to pin the blame on someone else and in the end look like the hero. If this doesn't look like it will work, the Reclaimer must have a little "accident", I mean it's the Reclaimer's fault he didn't come prepared to fight the Flood, 343 GS tried to warn him.

Guilty, eh? He seems honest enough, and yet...

In addition, Guilty Sparks's apparent enthusiasm and infatuation can be interpreted in at least 3 different ways:

1) He is, despite his recent comments questioning the decision to keep samples of the Flood for study, happy to see this plague continue to multiply.

2) He is happy to see that YOUR species (he believes YOU to be Forerunner, whether he thinks you to be Human, Covenant, or "Else" on the ring) has managed to continue to reproduce.

3) He is happy to see that the Forerunner have continued to reproduce and recognizes you as distinct from them. For example (feel free to swap the races between Humanity, Covenant, and "Else"), he believes you to be Covenant and sees Humanity (the Forerunner) as the race you are trying to help, as though you are a client race.

I'd pay a lot for just 5 minutes inside that Mote's head, but then, I'm not sure if I'd ever get the humming out of mine ;)

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