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March 4, 2003

In another forum post , JAGUAR2G writes:

I think the Covies boarded the PoA just to get "A" Spartan. I think that the Covies took notice that even though they always won by glassing the planets they always lost the ground battles when they fought Spartans over the last 20 or so years. So I think they a mission to capture a Spartan Alive. And in TFoR they knew they injured Linda and that she was picked up by MC and boarded the PoA.

Just how MC was told to Capture enemy technology when ever possible. because if you notice they never really wanted to blow up the PoA, just disable it.

Now this is a long shot but maybe they knew of Cortana (or maybe the development of a superior AI), and you know how the Covies "TAKE/STEAL" superior technology.

All i know for sure is they WANTED something very very very bad, and I don't think they got it............or did they? (Linda????)

The Covenant don't take prisoners yet they go out of there way to capture a seemingly outdated, fleeing Human vessel? One has to wonder where their Intelligence is coming from...

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