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March 4, 2003

What is the cause of this genocide inflicted upon humanity? Is it blind zeal? A misunderstanding? A cover-up of some kind? Jealousy? Fear of what we are (or who we could become)? Unfinished business? The list of possibilities is as long as a Flood Warrior's tentacled limb...

Cow ( writes:

After reading numerous articles on your site about the relationship between the Flood and the Forerunner, I have developed my own theory. In the Library, 343 Guilty Spark states that the survival of the Forerunner were dependent upon the Flood. So what does an organism require to survive? Could they have used the Flood for food? Perhaps, but very unlikely. They obviously didn't use them for liquid or for air. So what's left? Reproduction? I think this is why they needed them. Guilty Spark also mentioned there had been an outbreak before and that, apparently, the Halo had been activated before. So, I think as a result of this outbreak the Forerunner had somehow lost their ability to reproduce, probably losing the females of their species. I think that the Forerunner were studying the Flood spores in an attempt to infect some organism with their own female Forerunner DNA, making reproduction once again possible. So they either failed or succeeded. If they failed then, their race is extinct, which is why there are none around. If they succeeded, then I would venture a guess to say that the offspring reproduced and their race eventually became known as humans. The Covenant want to kill all humans because they know that they aren't pure Forerunners, but are instead the descendants of this Forerunner procedure.

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