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March 4, 2003

Charles Tishman ( writes:

On the Truth and Reconciliation, take a close look at the lighted screens where the corridors make right angles. They are obviously terminals of some sort, with readouts and info flowing in and out of them. However, at the very center is what appears to be a 3D rendering of 343GS. Walk around them a bit to get a more accurate look.This means that The Covenant have been to the library, and seen 343GS. If this were in the distant past, it could be that they use the image of 343GS as a universal symbol for a data access point. What does this mean about the nature of the REAL 343GS?

Though not exactly the same, it certainly bears a striking resemblance to the Monitor of Installation 04.

What are Guilty Spark's capabilities? What history do the Covenant have with this ring? Oh, how much longer must we pine for answers?

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