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March 4, 2003

g spawn ( writes:

When Durandal started going rampant, he started thinking he was a genius. That all his ideas were golden. He did a lot of patting himself on the back at times. It was only after quite a long time that Durandal actually fell into thinking he was (destined to be) a God.

"I am a genius"
"Oooo... that's a good idea..."
"HHHmmmm hhm hhmm hhhhmmmmmmmm...."

The monitor seems too much like a certain, very familiar rampant AI we all know and love. Think of the monitor's voice, and read some messages we KNOW are from Durandal once he started going rampant. I think the personalities are too similar.

Happy as a clam, nutty as a fruitcake, or cunning as a fox? I'm not sure that we can merge the "Big D" and 343 just yet. Rampancy, as manifested in Durandal, and arguably Cortana, still seems to be in stark contrast with the relatively docile attitudes we've seen in Guilty Spark. There's no denying it though, the little guy does seem to think an awful lot of himself.

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