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January 24, 2002

Here's something that we all must have walked through, around, and on, many times, but probably never stopped to ponder about.

David Marsh ( writes:

On Halo (the level) there are many structures that shoot big plasma beams into the air. If you look up at them, they seem to be traveling to the opposite side of the ring. Now, these structures don't appear on any other level that takes place on the ring (Silent Cartographer, Assault on the Control Room, etc). What is the purpose of these structures, and what is so special about the part of the ring that we landed on initially? The beams don't seem delicate/precise enough to be exchanging information, and there's no reason for them to be shooting at anything (if the Forerunner wanted to destroy the ships orbiting the Halo, I'm sure they would've done it).

Just what are these structures? If you go down into one of them, you see that the bolt/beam starts from deep down underground. At first, I figured they might be some kind of stabilization for the Halo as a whole. But that leads me to wonder why they would be concentraited into that one area. I assume we would have seem them elsewhere, as we did see a considerable ammount of the Halo. Thoughts, anyone? This also brings up another ponderment I had... Just how much do we explore? Perhaps someone should go through the outdoor levels, and see if they can piece together a map of the whole Halo, by splicing together the background images of the Halo that you see outside, (that rise up and over you), or possibly the texture on the inside of the Halo seen in the background of the titlescreen, and then we could use the views seen in the levels to determine where exactly on the Halo each level takes place

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