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March 4, 2003

343 Guilty Spark seems to be the primary focus of today's post, though I can assure you it was far from intentional. The only thing on my mind has been getting this mailbag in a strangle hold while mnemesis and I take turns beating on it, before turning it upside down and shaking it for loose change...

Well, well. What have we here?

pete_the_duck ( writes:

Strangely enough, it seems that the Monitor finds no use in studying the Covenant, whereas he is thrilled to find records of human history. Why does he ignore the Covenant so much?

I think the Monitor may have some resentment towards them.

I don't think he considers the Master Chief Covenant (he is aware that there are multiple races on Halo--and he saw the Master Chief assisting humans (343 GS), he also associates the Pillar of Autumn--which contains human records--with the Master Chief ("your warship's AI"), so it's not out of spite that they are attacked (not that this was necessarily argued, but just to spike that argument).

But like I said, the Monitor does seem to consider the Covenant an unworthy expenditure of his effort. I have the impression that he knows something about them--perhaps he views them as a lower life form, or something of that nature, where they are unworthy of attention or care.

Whereas, in contrast, he's thrilled by the human race--analyzing their history (Maw), gear, even weaponry (Library), as if he can't shut up about it. I think he has a thing for human kind, and seeing the Covenant as the enemy of his beloved humans, tries to put a plug in their plans.

343 Guilty Spark's resentment towards the Master Chief only comes from his unwillingness to activate Halo and confiscating the Index. We could presume that without the urgency of the Flood, he would be quite docile and appreciative of the human presence (despite the fact that he keeps out of sight until the release).

Does he see the Humans as merely checking in or as responding to the Floods recent release? Are we the Owner or merely a client race. Its Manager, or its janitor?

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