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March 11, 2003

The forum never lets up. An interesting point from a recent post by Wado SG:

First a disclaimer, maybe I watched too much Starblazers when I was a kid or watched the movie Starship Troopers too much...

Now is it possible for people to live in Slipstream Space? In the Fall of Reach there certainly are ships traveling through it and other objects are in there. I recall the UNSC finding an asteroid in Slipstream Space (oh wait, that was a Covenant ship I think).

Anyway, I think the answer is yes. In that case, could it be possible that the Forerunners found a way to live in Slipstream Space?

A good question. If any of the Forerunner were to survive the previous Halo firing, did they do so by entering Slipspace? Have they returned, or do they still call it home?

Perhaps they have been unable to leave. The 3rd Cortana Letter asserts that "whoever made such a place [Halo] must now live in chains; there is no other explanation for their absence".

In the Heechee Saga by Frederik Pohl, an ancient race known as the Heechee escaped a danger too great to confront by bottling up dozens of stars, entire worlds, and finally themselves within the safety and seclusion of a black hole. If the Forerunner are "trapped" in Slipspace (or somewhere similar) is the gate latched from the inside?

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