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March 15, 2003

Mark Simmons unearths more classical, literary tie-ins:

Mark Simmons ( writes:

I know we're all aware of the fact that Cortana was the name of the sword given to Price Ogier in Charlemagne. However, I thought it was worth looking into the story of Ogier a little deeper to see if there were any other pertinent sections.

I might be shooting in the dark somewhat, but here's what I found:

'... When Ogier was born, and before he was baptized, six ladies of ravishing beauty appeared all at once in the chamber of the infant. They encircled him, and she who appeared the eldest took him in her arms, kissed him, and laid her hand upon his heart. "I give you," said she, "to be the bravest warrior of your times." She delivered the infant to her sister, who said, "I give you abundant opportunities to display your valor." "Sister," said the third lady, "you have given him a dangerous boon; I give him that he shall never be vanquished." ...'

Master Chief, anyone?

'... Ogier, seeing the blood, did not immediately repeat his blow, and Bruhier seized the moment to gallop off on one side. As he rode he took a vase of gold which hung at the saddle-bow, and bathed with its contents the wounded part. The blood instantly ceased to flow, the ear and the flesh were restored quite whole, and the Dane was astonished to see his antagonist return to the ground as sound as ever. Bruhier laughed at his amazement. "Know," said he, "that I possess the precious balm that Joseph of Arimathea used upon the body of the Crucified One, Whom you worship. If I should lose an arm, I could restore it with a few drops of this." ...'

Sounds like Covenant rechargeable shield tech to me.

'... After the victory, Ogier seized Marchevallee, leaped upon his back, and became possessed of the precious flask, a few drops from which closed his wounds and restored his strength ....'

And then the humans finally get hold of it...?

'... The vessel, driven by a fair wind, cut the sea with the swiftness of a bird; but on a sudden it deviated from its course, no longer obeyed the helm, and sped fast towards a black promontory which stretched into the sea. This was a mountain of loadstone [lodestone], and, its attractive power increasing as the distance diminished, the vessel at last flew with the swiftness of an arrow towards it, and was dashed to pieces on its rocky base. Ogier alone saved himself, and reached the shore on a fragment of the wreck. ...'

A little tenuous, but this could also be seen as the Pillar of Autumn being 'drawn' towards Halo and crash landing...the lifeboat Master Chief escapes in being a 'fragment' of the wreck, PoA.

Not answering the helm? Cortana taking control of the direction?

The Saracens incursions that Ogier fights against could even be seen as the equivalent of the Covenant a way.

Hmmm. Not sure. Make of it what you will. :-)

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