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March 18, 2003

And, in the same vein:

Aida-kun ( writes:

A couple notes on computer security: It took Cortana quite a while to crack the code for the door in the Truth and Reconciliation, yet "they actually broadcast their tactical data on unencrypted channels." Cortana seems to effortlessly enter the Halo's systems -- it seems odd that there's no security.

Then there's a BIG question: how did Keyes and his merry men get into the Flood's primary storage chamber (or at least what appears to be it)? Mendoza (?) commented that the Covenant worked pretty hard to seal the door, but it opens almost instantly. HOW did they seal the door? Did they actually gain access to the installation's systems, or just weld it shut (which didn't seem to be the case at all)?

Another note: The Covenant have gotten to the Control Room. They were inside the installation at the end of Assault on the Control Room, and Cortana didn't have to go through any notable security on the way.

To sum up: The Covenant use no security for their tactical data, are capable of security that can foil Cortana for brief periods, and supposedly attempted to lock a door that some kind of portable electronic lockbreaker opened EXTREMELY quickly. This implies that someone or something sabotaged their attempt to seal the Flood, but the door was not broken open -- it was relocked, but minimally.

The security on the door was surprisingly lax, and as Otto has pointed out, redundant. Is the Covenant actually responsible for minimally resealing these doors, or is foul play at work here?

As I recall, someone else I know was once responsible for the control of doors. Ah yes, a friend of a friend...

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