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March 22, 2003

It's not everyday that we would consider the wholesale borrowing of a post from our fellow analytical site, but on this day of rest, it keeps things oh so simple... (Thanks be to the MSP.)

Relax, I told them we'd give it back ;)

Colin Ferguson ( writes:

I noticed that the song from the Halo Sound track "On a Pale Horse" is also the name of a Piers Anthony novel. In that novel there is a line "Death is dead, long live death." This is similar to Bungie's official response to Phoenix questions: "Phoenix is dead, long live Phoenix." I also noted that in the novel, in a Latin American civil war zone, there is a soldier claiming that he is hunting "Seventh Communists." Sounds a bit like "Seventh Columnists," does it not? I asked Marty O'Donnell about this and have made a copy of my question and his reply:


3/18/2003 11:51 PM PST, by Fearless Son
Q Maestro in Chief, sir,

Fact: There is a track on the Halo Sound track called "On a Pale Horse," sir.

Fact: The official response to direct questions about Phoenix is "Phoenix is dead, long live Phoenix," sir.

Are these references to the first book in Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Immortality series, sir? More importantly, does that series have any plot or inspirational references that would send people (like me) on the Marathon's/Halo's Story pages into a rabid reading frenzy as we feverishly and painstakingly search the collected works of Piers Anthony looking for the slightest connection with Bungie games, sir?

A Marty the Elder says: Piers Anthony...hmmm it appears that what was once hidden has been exposed, what was lost is now found...


Could Bungie be drawing some serious inspiration from Piers Anthony? We better find out...

Indeed. Balance and rebuttal by DonPistola can be viewed here.

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