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March 27, 2003

Samih "BattleTechGamer" Qaisar ( writes:

Perhaps the research part of halo was a testing ground to see if the flood would be capable of killing humans...

Or other races for that matter. Some things I have not heard much comment on as of yet are the the layout and general features of the installation on the level 343 Guilty Spark. It is built in two tiers, and with the exception of the areas we find broken or littered with Covenant storage crates, there is no natural way to ascend from the bottom "containment pens" to the upper "observation floor". Mezzanines and transparent floors in the square transitional rooms offer an excellent view of the lower holds. The shape of the floor in the containment pens (the long, high ceilinged rooms), a slight grade on both sides draining towards the center grate, is reminiscent of livestock yards.

"It is insidious and elegant."

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