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March 27, 2003

malikai (†) writes:

In response to gordon liu's post in the covenant section.. The orange areas of the body are in fact more a matter of gameplay.. it makes it more interesting when the powerful†foe's have a weak spot... and about the pulsing not going off after they die.. its also more that when the game is finished with the death animations the bump mapping and texture animations still go on. I think its more of that's the way the engine works.. then Bungie guys hinting to something else. I read up on most all of your section like your site... but some times seemingly crazy far out explanations can be explained by relatively simple game designing and engine issues.. I saw a few more things easily explained by engine workings and game design.... that's just my 2 cents i just don't think some of the explanations are that far out.

While we don't want to through a giant, soggy, plague-infected blanket over discussion, this is always something to keep in mind. For instance, in the heated debate over whether the Flood infect the living or the dead it is often cited that in the game the spores can be seen killing everything, Marines and Elites, therefore they must infect bodies postmortem. However, this could very likely be merely an example of the limits of the game; being far too complicated to show victims' real time conversion and Flood warriors hauling off live hosts to their gruesome fate. We'll have to wait and see...

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