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March 27, 2003

Nigh Invulnerable: Take 2

Beau Gibbs ( writes:

I believe the reason that the MC is not affected by the flood is that he is a cyborg. Yes the flood can use some technology, but their organic parasitic abilities†don't seem to be able integrate with electronic systems of the Spartans. The Mjolnir armor seems to be grafted to the nervous system of the MC. Also maybe the flood is like that Voyager episode about fluidic space (species 8472?)†the Fluidic species could change an organic person into one of their own, but couldn't integrate borg technology because of all the inorganic material that was integrated with the borg's organic organs.

A fine assertion. Though to harp on Rowley's novels again, cybernetics seem to be no impediment to infection or takeover there. Its just takes a little longer to get at the brain through the casing...

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