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March 27, 2003

Drow780 ( writes:

Here's a random thought for you: why do the Covenant send in more and more special forces to recapture the ship in Keyes? They are invariably losing more men that way then, say, just blowing the ship up from orbit. My guess? There's something on that ship that the Covenant need or want very badly.

First thing that comes to mind is the Flood super-brain. Would make for a very nice trophy over the fireplace if it could be captured. But maybe something a bit more practical? Something along the lines of, say, controlling the Flood through the Keyes blob?

Or maybe it's something not quite so sinister, like the Covenant have some strong religious edict about not firing upon their own ships. Although they sure have no problem with shooting you out of the sky when you're in a Banshee.

Now here's a stretch, but maybe the Covenant knew that you would come after the Captain and were baiting you. They knew that you'd come for the Captain because you did it once before, and decided to put an end to their Spartan menace once and for all.

Or perhaps even, as JAGUAR2G speculated earlier, they were merely trying to acquire you and yours in a similar manner to so much of their other technology.

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