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April 25, 2003

Dave Wolff ( writes:

In the level 343 Guilty Spark at the scene where the Lt. Jenkins tape is replaying, there is a date at the end of the recording posted at the bottom. In the transcripts you have it posted as >End Record View (#'s) Well the (#s) start with a date 2552 05 17 and end with the time of day of the recording. May 17, 2552? According to the time line of TFoR that would be months before Reach fell.

The plots thickens as we look to The Flood for further confirmation. Two early references to McKay's mission clock appear to be the victims of an extra 1 at the beginning (128 (p.127) and 144 hours from departing the Autumn (p.148), rather than a more consistent 28 and 44). Doing a little chrono-dancing, it appears that the events of Halo all take place roughly between the wee morning hours of September the 19th and the Pillar of Autumn's atomic sunrise on the 22nd, 2552.

Ahhh, inconsistencies; definitely not the first instance, and undoubtedly not the last.

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