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April 30, 2003

Shane ( writes:

Anyone who's read Halo: The Flood, knows that the Covenant 'Prophets' come from an abandoned Forerunner world. We also know that most Covenant technology comes from the Forerunner. This is confirmed at least twice in book. When Keyes talks to an ODST shortly after is rescue from the The Truth and Reconciliation and during a conversation between a prophet and the Elite 'Zamamee, "The technology underlying the armor you wear came straight from the Forerunners."

This would reinforces what Keyes states later in the book, "The essence of the matter is that while the races which comprise the Covenant seem to possess a high level of technology, most if not all of it may have been looted from the beings they refer to as the 'Forerunners,' an ancient race which left ruins on dozens of planets, and presumably was responsible for constructing Halo. In the long run, the fact that they are adaptive, rather than innovative, may prove to be their undoing."

I believe that what he means by this is that the Covenant are quite slow in their own technological development.

Interesting. The Covenant might have little or no inclination to continue developing their own technologies, considering the variety of sources they must have encountered in their relentless crusade across the galaxy. Always remember: Loot before you pillage.

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