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April 30, 2003

SPARTAN John 117: the first, but so far, not the last

Angus Bradford ( writes:

I read through the site and saw no mention of this, which doesn't mean in my fever to read the text I might have missed something, so I decided to remind everyone of a fact posted in the book... While I don't have the book here to quote line for line I'd like to point out that the Master Chief might not be the last remaining Spartan... When the Spartans were being briefed by Dr. Halsey and Captain Keys on Reach, she gave a "roll call" if-you-will of the Spartans... Numbering those who died or were disfigured in the augmentation process, but she also said that there were 3 Spartans that wer not able to make it back to Reach due to them being in combat areas too far to be brought back to Reach... Now since the book makes no reference to where they were and I doubt that the Coventant launched an attack against these three such as the attack on Reach... I think it's a very good possibility that they may still be out there...

Since Halo: The Flood was released, we've received more than a few submissions questioning to assertion that the MC is definitely the last SPARTAN. In retrospect, it might be plausible for there to be others somewhere. I do feel certain that Linda was not present during the events of the game, considering that Keyes never mentions her anywhere in HtF, but that doesn't preclude another group of SPARTANs from showing up sometime.

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