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April 30, 2003

SA Premium Pilchard ( writes:

What THE FLOOD are is simply a parasitic lifeform that the forerunner have found on a planet. Then they found out that they are threatining to there survival so they built these ring worlds to contain them. Or The FLood could simply be the products of Thousand and millions of years of evoulution on halo. Like the evolution of the human race the flood may have been different many years ago.The other ring worlds may contain the flood but they may only be called the flood. They could be totally diffent to the ones on halo installation 04.The Forerunners could have placed different genetically engineered DNA into halos waters and well "waited".
343 GS is also known as The Moniter and well his name all says it "The Moniter" he may be simply a moniter of the Floods improvment in growth and evolution.As GS also says
"I am glad that the flood clould reproduce."well he is glad becoase the Forerunners must have realised that The Flood have grown into a parasitic life form and could change halos "perfect"atmosphere,landscape and whether so they contained them in holding cells and studied them from there And by not being able to feed them maybe it worked like this. One spore flood dies the dead spore flood feeds 3 spore floods.And although this has not been the greatest nousishment they have become crazey for real food.And also could be a bit mentle because they have been eating there own species so they may have developed mad flood disease.

So other Halos would have creatures on them, creatures which were once the same as what "our" Flood once were, only now they've mutated and evolved and OH MY GOD LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!!

"Mad Flood Disease," though, that shouldn't be too much of a problem. We've got armor and shielding and it's not like we're gonna eat them, right? Right?

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