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April 30, 2003

In a big ol' rambling paragraph, Aaron notes some irregularities in regards to the Flood and their activities.

Aaron Claussen ( writes:

...was in reference to GS saying that the Flood were hard at work repairing "your ship" (referring to the Chief and the POA). It was argued that there was no evidence that the Flood were making any sort of repairs to the POA and that they were in fact blowing bits of it up during the fighting we see during the rush to get to the Longsword fighter. I submit that there was no evidence that the Flood were repairing any Covenant vessels either, and that they were "shooting up the place" in those ships as well. And there were parts of the POA we never visited, locked away parts that the Flood managed to infiltrate during the Covenant's occupation of the vessel, who knows what they were doing there if they were hidden away? I also had the thought that if the Flood were truly that intelligent they were most likely repair any and all vessels they possibly could to get off of Halo, purely as a means of escape and the fact that what better way would there be to approach Earth and a Covie world but than in a vessel of that world, a sort of Trojan horse if you will.

We certainly didn't see all of either of the ships, but he's definitely right about the Flood blowing bits of the POA up. Has anyone ever looked at the various things going on during the Maw run to see if there is any organization to it? Eggs are nice, but has Rex hidden anything else, anything story-related, in all that chaos? ;-)

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