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May 3, 2003

HBO Forum speculation strikes again! Relative newcomer Mooreberg puts out a unique theory on the "usefulness" of the Flood. In a nutshell, the idea is that some aspect of the Flood was utilized to ensure the health of the Forerunner, not unlike the way radiation is used to treat cancer.

This is really the only way I can think of that would fulfill the crieria of 343 GS' seemingly contradictory statement. Halo contained the flood so they could be studied and used to treat plagued Forerunner, but also acted as a failsafe to prevent the flood from spreading and making the galaxy [un]inhabitable. If the Forerunner could build Halo and develop technology far beyond what humans of the 26th century had seen, than terraforming and repopulating the galaxy wouldn't be such a difficult task.

Jamirus99 (among others) responds with a link to a previous post of his own that has some good complementary points, some of which have already been posted here. He claims that his theory disproves Mooreberg's, but I'm not sure about that. Go give both threads a read and join the discussion! As always, feel free to send us your thoughts.

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