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May 4, 2003

SN has got a couple of other ideas, as well.

SN ( writes:

The debate over why human weapons are so useful against the flood despite Guilty Spark opinion. My first idea is adaptation, assuming a few flood awaken from stasis or get loose every millennia or so and they would be contained by the sentinels and have little chance to make an effective escape because of the lack of hosts. Seeing that they have been microwaved by those pesky red beams for so long why not adapt to resist them. The covenant, having based their tech on the forerunner have similar weapons, so the flood could resist those as well. But not having been exposed to projectile weapons are not yet used to them (not that they couldn get resistant to those in short order as well). The only problem with this is that it does not explain Guilty Spark dislike of them. Another more original idea (at least I think so) that does explain is that while the human weapons are great in skirmish combat, in a large-scale battle they would be less effective. Seeing that projectile weapons in general tear up and distort flesh (a physical change), it would make the flesh unusable of a body, but not for food. The burning lasers (or whatever they are) of the sentinels would burn the flesh removing all nutritional value (a chemical change). So with a gun you might take down your enemy but there is nothing to stop his friends from coming and eating him (like all good friends should) later.

101,217 years might be enough time to develop a kind of resistance to the Sentinels' lasers, all right.

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