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May 4, 2003

However, SN seems to think differently.

SN ( writes:

The weather around the control rooms has been speculated over a fair amount, I think I may have a suitable answer. Although this might seem a rather small effect perhaps the reason for keeping a constant winter around the Control Room was to preserve bodies. Perhaps the cold made it take longer for the flood to break down the bodies for food or to infect. I don know about you but I think I could eat jackal tenderloin faster than I could a gruntcicle. Seeing that this cold weather would not really affect the sentinels it could be a small battle advantage. And what better place to do this rather than at the most important installation. My best guess as to why not do this over all of halo would be that they wanted to test the flood in different environments or something to that effect.

Is the cold weather around the Control Room related to the functions of the Flood? Or is it just part of normal procedures on Halo?

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