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May 4, 2003

Socrates ( writes:

All this talk about the weather has gotten me thinking. What I'm thinking is this: what if the 'incliment weather' seen on Halo is not an accident or environmental variation, but a weapon against the Flood? It seems to me that (like the Borg from Star Trek) the Flood would want to have a higher-than-normal temperature. If the Covenant discovered the flood sometime during our romp in AotCR, then the systems of Halo itself may have, as a first response, began a temperature change to make things as cold as possible. Perhaps extremely cold temperatures inhibit the Flood's mobility or ability to infect/eat/take over hosts/food, thereby slowing down the spread of the Flood.

Consider the inverse: What if the Flood were restricted by warmer temperatures, hence the swamp-like atmosphere on 343 GS, and that the cold weather on AotCR was an example of the Flood "altering the atmosphere?"

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