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May 4, 2003

Greg Salber ( writes:

Has anyone considered that the flood could be some sort of warped mutated†age old form of the forerunner? Maybe they could have wiped themselves out in some sort of nucleur war.† As a result they mutated into other forms.†(You know,†Planet of the Apes style)† 343 guilty spark† hints at the reason for the study of the flood, "their†survival as a race was dependant on it."† Maybe the survival is dependant on them being studied to find out how to return them to their original state.† Perhaps 343 mistakes you as one of the surviving forerunner.

So 343 Guilty Spark is the custodian of his former masters, crippled beyond recognition, awaiting a "reclaimer" who can restore the species to their once noble and proud state. I like it. :-)

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