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May 5, 2003

One for the money...

Trevor White ( writes:

I believe that the Flood were at one time a dying race. The Forerunner found this dying race and being all technologically advanced realized that the Flood had the ability to improve upon systems within the body of a life form that had suitable bio-mass. The Forerunner, not unlike humanity, had the most basic instinctual drive of preservation and they rounded up/collected all specimens of the Flood they could find and they put them into specifically designed research facilities; i.e. HALO. The Forerunner would have also realized the huge danger in such an undertaking and in realizing this they also added a built-in fail safe device in case the Flood ever escaped. If this is the case then the Flood are nothing more than an endangered species that is making a comeback, kinda like the California Condor.

Once again, do the Flood still exist out of sympathy?

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