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May 6, 2003

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Madscientist ( writes:

If the Forerunners did start experiments to find the perfect species/being then they may have realised that there may be a number of failures when the Flood escaped or the other species wiped each other out or something else happened. So it would make sense that they would create the ability to restart the experiment so to speak. Halo is capable of stopping the Flood without completely destroying life, as only life big enough to support the Flood is destroyed. This would also act as a reset for the other species in the galaxy. If the experiment was reset in this way it also makes sense that the Forerunners would have ensured that there was enough left behind to continue the experiment. It may also explain why the Flood has been around for so long but Humanity (and possibly the Covenant) has not. It may also explain why the MC is recognised by GS although it doesn't really explain why he is called Reclaimer or why GS doesn't like the Covenant.


Finally (at last) this begs the question if the Forerunners designed the Halo rings as a restart if the Flood escaped what other situations would be considered a failure and require a restart.

While the notion of the Forerunner creating the Flood has been discussed, and in many cases consequently dismissed, the idea of a galaxy-wide "reset button" is deceptively intriguing. We know that there are other "installations" that would presumably fire if Halo 04 does, so would there be other circumstances, specific to those locations, that would necessitate a "reset?"

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