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May 6, 2003

Chris, however, has a different theory on the purpose of the canyons in AotCR.

Chris Davies ( writes:

Basically, it's a matter of looking at the shape of the canyon that the Control Room is in- a relatively thin, very deep slit in the ground. At one end of the canyon is the shrine; at the other is a very tall, frozen waterfall. Now, let's imagine that the Flood have managed to get to the stage when they start to alter the atmosphere, and let's imagine further that this alteration makes things warmer on Halo. Okay, Occam's Razor is screaming for mercy at this point, but we'll ignore that.

As the temperature rises, the waterfall at the back of the Control Room canyon begins to melt. Looking at the surrounding area, there seems to be nowhere for this water to go, so the Canyon starts to fill with water...

...and before too long, the Control Room is buried under millions of gallons of water, making it pretty damn hard for anyone to get to it. The coldness of this area is a failsafe; if the Flood ever get numerous enough to threaten the safety of the Halo, its most important room is sealed away by a system that requires no electronics, no-one to activate it, and no moving parts.

...but if you look at the doors to the main chamber itself, there are two sets of double doors, which would make a pretty effective airlock.

Not too shabby! Quite an ingenious solution. Those inscrutable alien races can be so clever sometimes.

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