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May 6, 2003

Did ONI know about Halo before we ever got there? More than a few references have been hauled out to show that this, indeed, was the case. Two specific things to chew on here.

Zoidberg ( writes:

On the bridge on the main screen you can see 'Target ID: Halo'

Had the ONI recruited cortana and given her the co-ordinates to Halo either for recon or to check up on a previous mission. Well this would explain how she knew the name of the structure (Halo). Well why her? Simple, shes a piece of code...with a limited life span. And she can be manipulated i.e. memory files removed etc. AND if she should become a threat to ONI interests she can simply be deleted or, when being transferred in one of those neural chip things, lost. And she has a perfect delivery system...the chief.

An AI going missing isn't a big deal. BUT a human death raises questions.

Well if she had been recruited.....what for?

As I said recon...find out specifics of Halo (which she did), or check up on a previous recon team. This could go towards explaining the weird unknown marines on GS with EMP on their backs. In addition to explaining why there are dead marines all over places that no one from the POA had been prior to you.

As mentioned recently the proximity of HALO to earth or human space.

I find it hard for something like Halo to go un-noticed. Someone must have picked it up, if its so close.

This could also explain the holy war the covenant have waged on us. ONI found HALO, sent a team to investigate, its holy ground for the covenant, we desecrate Halo in their eyes....holy war begins.

One thing to remember, though: We have ONI, the Covenant have the Prophets. One or the other (or both) could be pulling the political strings that direct this "holy war." As has been said before, and by an AI much greater than me, "There are obviously many things which we do not understand, and may never be able to."

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