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May 6, 2003

Two for the show...

S7N ( writes:

On The Maw, on the Pillar of Autumn, it is is over 2 km from the reactor room to where you meet Foe Hammer, and an extra 1 km to the Longsword Interceptor. so this means that the Pillar of Autumn is over 3 km long. Fair enough, my point being that MC doesn't need a Warthog to cover all that distance, if the game had make him run as fast as he should!

At the start of FoR it states that the Spartans sprint up a half-kilometer hill in 32 seconds flat [56.25 km/h, uphill]. later on, after they have been augmented and are training in the caves, Mendez says that the Spartans can run at up to bursts of 55 kmph, and that's WITHOUT the Mjolnir suits!

My point in all this is, that the total distance from the reactor to the Interceptor is 3 km, the Master Chief can cover it in under 6 minutes which is the allocated time!

Faster than a speeding bullet; more powerful than a locomotive; able to sprint the lengths of Human warships in a...

Well, to keep things simple, if they could keep it up at 55 km/h, the Maw run of roughly 3 km would take only about 3:15; well under time. As Dr. Halsey also said, they were also not yet adjusted to their physiological enhancements and would only become faster. And additionally as Nicholas pointed out, this is without the further augmentation of the Mjolnir suit. Just how fast can a fully prepped Spartan run anyway?

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