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May 12, 2003

Super Tanoshii Bonus Email!

Simpsons Rule ( writes:

I was searching Encarta for words like Covenant and Flood and Halo. I stumbled upon some interesting religious attachments with the Covenant that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere. For now read this piece of Halobacteria. It mentions the rotten egg smell, and if I remember correctly at the end of the level 343 Guilty Spark, you encounter the only time where you can see the marines fight the flood. One marine will say something like "man these things smell when they pop." This could be referring to the rotten egg smell of the Halobacteria. Also it mentions the Halobacteria release sulfur and not oxygen. This sounds like "the flood changing their environment." The resemblances are there...

Halophilic indeed. A quick search on Google will reveal more detailed information on this rather curious coincidence.

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