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May 12, 2003

Unless the Flood find no delight in the Forerunner themselves...

Lord Can of Pain ( writes:

Could it be that the reason the Forerunners contained them instead of wiping them out was that they where only a threat to others? The Forerunners might have been immune, be it that their bodies could fight off the Flood or they might not have even been made of biomass. They could have been a race of living crystals or rock or just something not based on the usual living cells. To get to the stage that they†are at would have taken thousands of generations and remarkable advancements. The usual Forerunner might have lived for millions of years and so the repopulation of a galaxy wouldn't seem that long to them. They might have felt the same of taking this galaxy out as we would of fumigating a bunch of harmful termites and a colony of ants got in the way.

While throwing a wrench into most Human/Forerunner theorizing, the idea does still have merit.

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