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May 12, 2003

Please, do not feed the Flood.

Pete ( writes:

What if the flood are only dangerous when they eat? What if the nature of flood organisms is altered by the feeding response? Maybe that's why Halo only destroys the food, not the flood themselves? Then the Flood would revert to their natural state (we've not seen this yet, since our very presence excited the Flood feeding response.)

What if the Flood are to the Forerunners, like piranha fish are to us? Piranhas are dangerous to other fish, but we (humans) can easily observe them when they are contained in a fish tank. I've even seen divers swim among piranha safely, as long as there not feeding. A behaviour changing "feeding frenzy" is not limited to piranha and sharks, ever see shoppers on the day after Thanksgiving?

Although once the food (sentient life) is gone and the Flood no longer are at risk of succumbing to their volatile feeding response, who then is safe from them, as the Flood is still spread throughout space and there is no one left TO BE safe (they are all dead at the Halo's hands), except the Forerunner perhaps, if they have evaded the blast and have suitable means to study the newly pacified parasite. Nonetheless, any attempt to reoccupy the areas that still contain this now docile Flood would immediately prompt the dangerous food response. Curious...

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