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May 12, 2003

Three to get ready...

kareem ramos ( writes:

We have yet to see it the Flood can survive in space, but if they can, then the Flood are probably spread all over the galaxy by now (in one of the Vang books, it says that the Vang can survive in space as long as the universe exists; they travel in space pods that look like big, silver pumpkins). Some probably found their way onto Covenant worlds. I recall some Bungie employee (Jason Jones?) saying that the Covenant and the Flood have a long history together. In Starhammer, there's a race of slavers called the Laowon who ran into the Vang, and were forced to glass two of their own planets in order to sterilize the threat. I'm guessing the Covenant have had a similar experience.

Perhaps they have. The Prophets at least did not seem surprised by the Flood's presence on the ring at all, though many Elites, 'Zamamee included, did not have the slightest clue...

As for the vacuum resilience of the Flood, for our sake let us hope we find them quite vulnerable.

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