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May 13, 2003

Breathe in, breath out... Five more, come on work those parasitic flagella!

Otto Mossberg ( writes:

I was thinking about the Flood needing modifying the atmosphere. But then I realized, who said anything about them NEEDING to do it? I'm guessing they didn't come together to build some kind of machine to change the air. Practically every type of life on Earth changes the air. Whether it's bacteria, producing waste gas from the food they consume, animals breathing changing O2 into CO2, or plants vice versa. I'm betting the Flood alter the air in some way simply as a bi-product of their existence.

I saw something about maybe the Flood changed the atmosphere near the control room, making it colder, but I don't think they had been loose long enough to make changes that significant. The snow there looks like it's been there for awhile. It is possible they caused the change during the "previous outbreak", but that was a few thousand years ago, so the air probably would have changed back to normal in that time.

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