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May 13, 2003

Red Tape

J. Ross "Ebola" Keverne ( writes:

Also why did Cortana see the need to put a Security Lock on the MCs Cyro tube? From the sound of it everybody on board had heard that he was there and it's unlikely they would try to revive him without direct orders? And even if they did why would that be a bad thing? If the ship had been invaded by Covenant there may have been a situation where a direct order to wake the MC might not have been possible, so wouldn't it make sense from a Security POV to NOT have a secondary lock on his Cryo tube?

Though suitable precautions are always good (the Master Chief is a hot parcel), if things had gone from bad to worse what would Cortana, or anyone else for that matter, have done without the Chief's release (other than take a ride in the Hurt-mobile)?

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