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May 13, 2003

Socrates continues on the Covenant comprehension of their "borrowed" tech.

Now, one final thing. The 'Engineer' mentioned in The Fall or Reach leads me to believe that the Covenant do not simply steal another race's technology, but absorb it. In one part, the Engineer disassembles and reassembles a vehicle. This would and could not be done unless the Engineer wanted to do so for purposes of analysis.

Also, think about it: to arm the entire Covenant army, the Covenant would have to have discovered a incredibly huge arms cache somewhere. And then, after that cache was depleted, they were S.O.L. But this isn't the case; with the help of the Engineers, the Covenant absorb the technology instead of steal it, and use the knowledge gained from that absorption to manufacture their weapons.

In short, the Covenant, while not necessarily being a technological parasite, acquire and analyze the technology... indeed, they understand it.

A good point to clarify. While the Covenant are primarily adaptive rather than innovative, they certainly didn't just fall off the turnip truck. They may not have achieved such levels of technology on their own, but they seem to understand their ill gotten gains quite well.

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