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May 13, 2003

J. Ross "Ebola" Keverne ( writes:

Prophets are lying to the Elites... probably...

Page: 6:
"Like all the members of his caste, 'Fulsamee knew that the
Prophets had evolved on a planet which the mysterious truthgivers
had previously inhabited, and then, for reasons known
only to the ancients themselves, subsequently abandoned."

As well as indicating the Caste structure of the Elites it makes me wonder if even they don't know where the Prophets are truly†from. The implication is that lower Caste Elites don't know about the Prophets original homeplanet, and that further implies that a Higher Caste Elite might know more than 'Fulsamee. Especially about WHY the mysterious "truth-givers" had disappeared.

The Prophet aboard the T&R seems to have almost expected the Flood to be present on Halo (Page 178), so what if the Flood were responsible for the "truth-givers" leaving the Prophets homeplanet.

Are certain high ranking Elites actually above some lowly Prophets, or does race alone firmly divide the two castes? If the Prophets are not being entirely open about their background and knowledge, would this not fan the already smoldering embers of discontent between these two Covenant founders? Time will tell.

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