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May 13, 2003

And four to... ah, forget it. E3 blitzkrieg!

The plan has been skewed, but can be remedied yet...

AlphaBravo343 ( writes:

Firstly, i think that the forerunners were the only sentient life in the galaxy, and they seeded other planets with life to grow individually. Elites, grunts, jackals, brutes, hunters, prophets, and humans. (this theory is not mine, i found it in a fanfiction). The forerunners left special technology for each race to find once they had matured and discovered interstellar travel. The prophets were the first ones to develop interstellar travel, and found their technology, the discovered the elites. And from there, they recruited the other races within the covenant.

When the united races found each other, they realized that there was one race missing from the complete caste the forerunners had intended for there to be.....the humans. When finally discovered, the Covenant found that we had slipstream space travel (one of the technologies left by the forerunners) and saw we were advanced and intelligent. And then they discovered that we had developed our technology on our own. Then they realized the potential threat we posed and saw we would not succumb to their regime; that we would not accept a position of reverence for the prophets and we would not accept their beliefs with open arms.†

Seeing our armies and weapons, they decided within themselves that the "gods" saw us as an abomination (the prophets most likely tell the Covenant what to believe to better suits themselves), and the humans must be destroyed. Thus the holy war between humans and Covenant begins.†

However, this opens further speculation. The Covenant, if they succeeded in their endeavor to destroy us, would have defied the forerunners. Assuming the forerunners aren't extinct, they would be angry, to say the least. And perhaps, if the forerunners returned before the holy war was over, they would ally with the humans and wipe out the covenant. I'm sure that the forerunners planned for us to live in peace with one another, and seeing the malevolent agenda of the Covenant, would want to "correct" the error.

Big Brother is watching, with any luck.

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