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June 11, 2003

TankRamp ( writes:

Reading through the Halo Transmissions, I noticed one part that stuck out:

CCS Truth and Reconciliation (DE H c-1) o SCS Pillar of Autumn RECEIVED (trans) via x-process 04118.2.32.465603 (process owner BW - AI - Class III)

You have brought nothing to this world, and we will ensure you bring nothing out.

I think this has more to it than its resemblance to Bill Cosby comedy (I brought you into this world, I'll take you out. Make another one that looks just like you.), but actual significance on the story.

The general consensus of Covenant technology is that they "absorb" superior technologies and use them to their own benefit. Since the Prophets--whom I've come to theorize are power-hungry politicians pulling the strings and pulling wool over the eyes of other Covenantt--decided that the humans have inferior technology, they destroy them. Why? Because sentient beings are a potential threat, and these particular sentient beings have nothing to add to the Covenant arsenal, and won't conform to Covie ideals; living under the Prophets' power and religion.

But, because humans are sentient and rapidly growing, the Prophets see this "infection" as being adverse to their power which they hold over all else. So, they used whatever handy religious doctrine they invented to urge the rest of the Covenant to go to war against the human scum.

Bill Cosby, power-hungry politicians, and oppressive religious doctrine. Halo's got it all!

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