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June 11, 2003

It seems to be "Many Theories in a Long Email" week here, so this time I'm going to post the whole thing with no breaks. Enjoy!

Scott Porter ( writes:

1. Door thickness/Material:

Has anybody noticed the fact that on the the control room the doors are paper thin, and yet on the Library the doors are at least 10 times as thick with extra armor! Also notice the little floating holograms infront of them on the Library, are those wards of some sort like in anceint cultures, or a 343 interface? Anyways did the Forerunner never anticipate the Flood coming to the Control room because they thought they could keep them contained or wipe the galaxy? Or are the doors on AotCR a better stronger alloy or metal, mind you the doors still break in the bridge chamber in Two Betrayls but don't open, but the doors on the Library never get broken. Wouldn't it make sense to make them all the same, or at least fortify the Control room more.

One last note on doors, remember how MC's suit changes temperature to keep him warm or cool, this means he never feels the ambeint temperature. If you look at the doors in the cliff walls on AotCR they all have the snow melted away for quite some distance. This would imply that either the Forerunners either like it hot, the material they build with is super heat conductive (perhaps for the dissapation of plasma shots, or absorbtion of heat when the flood alter the atmosphere), or the Flood have already started to raise the temperature and this is where the snow melts most readily.

2. Ohh, it glitters!!!!

I Love AotCR, so the other day I was playing through it and I couldn't take it any longer, WHY DO THE WALLS GLITTER(Bridge room, outside above doors see above)??? Now that got me thinking what if the same crystal that is in starships and the Mjlinor is in the walls of Halo, doesn't make much sense I know but the possiblity is out there. Then I though, well what if there part of 343's teleportation grid, after all he is the same color, but Cortana manages to teleport you to the TR on Keyes. So what if they're some sort of camera, or monitoring device? Hell they might even be part of some sort of one-way glass so the forerunners can watch(dependant mainly on the theroy that Halo is a testing grounds for species, or maybe just the flood). Or is it just some part of an alloy with large particles?

3. Flood Lights

Again when on AotCR on later parts of the mission the white bar lights by the doors are turned to a greenish color, like Flood blood. Perhaps it is their blood on the lights or it is meant as a warning that there are flood that escaped. As 343 did say that Halo's main purpose is to study and contain the flood, but what if there are secondary missions. Maybe different colors mean different species escaped. Kind of a tangent I know, I know.

4. Flood pits

Guess what level! On AotCR in the big circular rooms that make up the majority of the interior. They are shaped like big gears; circular with big outcroppings(probably 7:) ). anyways their are these glass covers on these big green pits, each one looks like a spore holding cell. But what if they are tanks of flood virus, should a hostile take over the ring, simply break the emegency glass and the ring is uninhabitable.

5. Genorators?

On many levels including Halo,AotCR( :) ), and 343GS there are these big rectangular things, easy to see in the bridge room(AotCR and Halo both). I was thinking every where lots of power would be need they are there. Light Bridge, Check, Index protective energe feild, Check, but what on AotCR, unless it is for the Control Room. But I would expect those to be hidden inside and closer. They might also be for the superweapon, and that is why there is such feirce Covenant/Flood battles in the area, just outside on both doors are large armies of Flood, as well as a large group huddled around one(most likely the corpses from the qmmo cache). So anyways other then good sniping stools what if they're good for and even powerful weapon. The Flood would after all need to disable them to survive.

6. The Big Trap!!!

On 343 we already know the Flood have escaped if we have played through. Of course you know that something powerful hurtles those grunts and jackels. But has anybody else seen the First Flood the MC sees. Of course I havent gotten that far in the book, but if you want to see it, get off the Pelican and get ammo and stuff (will be easiest to see on easy, well duh). Anyways time doesn't matter until your nearing the crashed Covenant Dropship. Run past is ignoring the Covenant and as soon as you can see the tree bridge zoom in with you pistol on the top outcrop. There you can see a Elite Flood watching! It jumps down really fast and runs away though so its hard to get a good look. But is he after the Covenant or a Scout to spot enemy reinforcements or better yet you. What if they remained in the structure till you got to the center so that it would take you longer to escape. The first time I played the level and the MC hears the slithering and hissing and goes in anyways and the marine falls into his arms, it made me think TRAP! For he is trapped, the door locks and tons of infection forms, to capture the MC come out. As it is not effective, the bigger guys who got into position to block the exit when the MC hears the slithering comes. That is why the doors opened so easily for the Marines the Flood were hungry and so disabled the covenant attempts to lock it down. The Covenant wanted to contain the trap, and the Flood so they locked it, but the Flood unlocked it after they retreated so that they could trap the MC!

7. The Flora!

On 343GS the tress have bright flood colored growths. 343 only said that a host had to have suitable Biomass, and trees are heavy, mind you they can't really think, still makes for a good way to alter the atmosphere. Hosts (usually) breath air and produce CO2, trees and plants take CO2 and make it into O2 again. Perhaps the Flood need a CO2 atmosphere as there is only a little in our own atmosphere. With a pure atmosphere they might thrive! Mind you CO2 is poisinous, so maybe the trees are making a different gas or they are trying to make it so that Halo is Uninhabitable, so the weapon couldn't be fired and all their enemies die without a fight leaving perfectly intact bodies for the taking.

I especially like this last bit about the foliage on 343 Guilty Spark. We've had a lot of people potice the resemblance to Flood biology, and the "altering the atmosphere" thing fits rather nicely. Good job!

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