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June 11, 2003

Forerunner/Jjarro Intent: Preserving the Flood to preserve balance

Shannon ( writes:

A few thoughts in the arena of Marathon Connections and the logistics of the story in that context.

First, I'm running off the common assumption that the Jjarro are the Forerunners. I want to point out the parallels between the Jjarro station in Infinity with which you contain and prevent the early nova, and the Halo. It seems the Jjarro had a habit of leaving behind barely contained apocalyptic horrors with big old machine/habitats as the only defense.

I see many speculations on why the flood had to be preserved. Here's something that occurred to me: If the forerunners are Jjarro, their obsession with keeping balance is enough to explain the whole thing. In Marathon II, the Jjarro AI that the player re-activates, Thoth, switches sides as soon as it tilts the scales slightly in Durandal's favor. The player's dream/interactions with Thoth throughout Marathon Infinity are dominated by the theme of balance. The Jjarro, being immensely powerful, may have seen the necessity of containing the Flood, weather they created it or not, but found the idea of letting it die off counter to their whole philosophy. After all, a race of extreme power may find cultivating a delicate balance in the galaxy their only challenge.

Good point. The purposes we assign to things may be totally unrelated to the purposes the Forerunner have.

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