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June 11, 2003

There's another thing that keeps bothering me about Halo. When Cortana was in Halo its self, as in the main computer system, did she discover any escape vehicles, or other transportation devices? Were there loading bays, docking bays, or any thing of the sort on Halo? Was Halo designed to let things get put there, but rendering every escape vehicle useless, to prevent Flood infection out side of it's study zone? Well, the end of Halo kind of voids the part where escape vehicles are rendered useless, but still, the point of "were there any vehicles for the flood to take over and escape halo with?" Just a brain teaser for yah.

Another interesting observation. The "back" side of Halo has a lot of what look like portals, but we might have to wait for Halo 2 to get any insight on this.

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