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June 11, 2003

In refference to a post by Colin "kojimyuu" Burch about the Monitor hacking into Cortana, why would he hack her for the information about where earth is located? Seriously. I'd think the only reason why he'd be trying to hack into her, is to recover the index, and on top of that, disable her. Then again, when she says that, he might just be tapping in to speak over the loudspeaker. ::Shrugs:: Never know.

Well, if he is just a maintenance drone of sorts, he might not think to scrutinize Cortana for information, but then there's the whole insanity thing. Because, you know, the little guy's completely off his nut. He might think he's on a mission from God, which makes me wonder: If we run into him in Halo 2, what will he be up to?

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