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June 11, 2003

However, Wyatt's got another idea up his sleeve.

Which brings me to the monitor. Like stated before, if he's there to keep a tight lid on the Flood, then how come he doesn't have complete control? And if there were any other mechanical units there, did they even have the ability to activate Halo's primary offensive/defensive weapon? I think that t he monitor was only there as a light upkeep defensive measure, like if a stray few hundred flood-popcorn ran towards a lab with a bunch of Forerunners in it. Something like a leutenant, who has a certain amount of authority, but not enough to make large decisions. Well, in which case, the Monitor would be there to assist with small amounts of Flood accidents/attacks. If you ask me, the Forerunners were all "assimilated" into the Flood, thus killing all access to Halo's weapons, for the time being, leaving poor ol 323 GS to his lonesome with his dronies. It all leads down to, why in gods name would halo have control panels, if actual (at least) humanoid presence did not exist?

The Forerunner assimilated by the Flood? Hmm. I don't know, I can't seem to work up any compassion whatsoever for the little tentacled gasbags. Waste 'em. (Kind of puts a damper on future Forerunner-Human political relations, though)

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