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June 11, 2003

Wyatt's got a lot on his mind. There's a lot to chew on here, folks, so get chew- er, reading!

Wyatt Mustful ( writes:

Well, to set Arthur Wellesly strait about how close halo is to human territory, most (Human) ships do a blind jump after a covenant encounter, that is if I'm correct. Seeing how the Fujikara Space travel is a lill sketchy, you can't be sure where you turn out, as stated in the book. I remmember reading precisely, the convorsation between a few officers in the FoR book about how Covenant were pin-point precise in "jumping," and how the humans were years behind that kind of accuracy. Well, theoretically, Halo could be trillions and trillions of miles away from any territory at all, and doing a blind jump (With a little help from cortana, which aimed them in the general direction) could put them any where near or far from the point. That's my statement.

Now, for the Halo issue its self, I have a different theory on that then what I've seen so far on your web site. I think, though Halo was built to study the Flood, that it was not only a weapon and a lab, but a living space for the forerunners. Since we've not seen all of Halo, we do not know if there are Citys or not. It hasn't been discussed, so I can pretty much assume my theory is incorrect, but there is always that chance. So if the facility is built to study them, where is all the information going any how? Is it being transmitted to the Forerunners? Or were the Forerunners stationed there, like an outpost? In either case, what were they studying in the flood?

343 Guilty Spark's line in Halo: The Flood about having been there for the last 101,217 years (local years, thank you Brannon Boren :P) kind of puts a damper on the possibility that the Forerunner were still on Halo, but somewhere we hadn't seen, but the point about the information on the continuing study of the Flood being transmitted somewhere is interesting. I'd imagine that that would be something that Cortana would notice while she was in the core. If there was anyhting worth noticing in there, think she'll clue us in at some point? Like maybe on a long, interstellar Longsword ride?

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