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June 13, 2003

Shane Meyer ( writes:

The Covenant, haven't advanced their technology much, throughout the twenty-five Human-Covenant War. Then, what should be made of the strange energy "sniper" weapon on board the unknown Covenant Flagship at the battle of Reach. The Covenant, I'll use a saying that's been used a lot, are adaptive rather than innovative. Then, could this weapon be based after a piece of technology they found, maybe Forerunner? This, actually isn't to unreasonable, because most of the Covenant's technology is based off that of the Forerunner. Therefore, one of the reasons that this weapon was introduced so late in the war, is that there are still Forerunner planets, outposts, and weapons caches that have not yet been discovered, Halo itself for example. Then that means humanity has a chance if they can find and control another caches out there. Another Halo for example?

Yeah! We need our own cool Forerunner stuff. Damn Covenant stealing all the good tech...

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