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February 1, 2002

Mark IV, V, VI, or VIII

Noah  ( writes:

OK, so Bungie just posted some new stuff on the wonderful Truth and Reconciliation site and among this was the storyboards for the first cutscene. I noticed on the next to the last storyboard something very interesting. On the Master Chief's cryo chamber are stenciled the letters "MK-VIII". This means Mark 8. Not Mark IV like the Marathon cyborg or even Mark V like the Marines occasionally call the Master Chief. So either:

1. This is the official "version number" of the Master Chief and the Marine is wrong
2. This is just an early version of the Halo story and Bungie changed it

Personally I would go with #2 because of all the changes already make in this cutscene.

Interesting. Not VII? ;)

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