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June 13, 2003

Those 'blue beams' and the tide lines they mark ( writes: mentioned before, many people have made observations as to what those beam - shooting towers are on Halo (the level). I have also noted how everyone mentions the deep canyons such as AotCR, etc. And last but not least, those huge tides that seem to plague the ring world. I think that these water floods, with the CR being underwater at some time, are quite possible. That would explain why (even in a banshee) the tops of these cliffs cannot be reached. Now think back to Halo (the level). aren't you at the TOP of a massive cliff? And there are massive waterfalls similar to the frozen ones outside the CR. Isn't it possible that Halo (the level) is the high - tide line for the ring world? that would explain why these beam shooting towers are found only in this area (but i must say i like the idea of them expelling waste). However, this doesn't explain such areas of the game a Truth and Reconciliation, Keyes, and the Maw, but i'll leave you to decide that.

This idea has been posed before, but consider the effect such an arrangement would have on the Silent Cartographer island. That shaft we fly into at the end of the level might be able to be flooded with sea water if the cliffs on Halo and Truth and Reconciliation were an indication of the tide line. And what a tide! Take that, Bay of Fundy!

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